Sunday, November 29, 2009


since moving house I realised how much stuff I have and I just don't have the room for it anymore..i have boxes and boxes of shoes/clothes/bags just sitting there, gathering dust...don't get me wrong - i'd love to keep it all if i could- i always recycle / rework things and there is NOTHING worse than trying to find something and then realising you threw it out 6 months ago...BUT, in order to keep it all, i'd need a bigger house - PLUS - i haven't looked near any of it since i moved...which was 3 months it makes sense to give some of it to people than leave it festering away in boxes...

so, im gonna get friends/family over to my house, asking them to bring any old clothes that they might have...and do a vintage swap night! need to figure out where to get rails/extra hangers money involved...basically a big giveaway! may put on some wine/food/music so should be good times..and anything leftover can go straight to the charity shop the next morning :)